PBU Silver Ring Infinity Collection

$200.00 USD

Serial Number: # IR002

This is a 100% Mexican silver handmade piece.
Infinity Collection– To be the best version of yourself.

Each and every piece of Protection By Us jewelry is handmade in Mexico. We use locally sourced silver and 24k gold plat. We chose to hand make every piece of jewelry to continue with the idea that every piece is its own and has its own character. This gives our customer the chance to choose the piece that fits best. The perk of not using a cast is that we can truly embrace the beauty of imperfection, and let go of the outcome.

Every piece of jewelry is meant to be a protective charm. Reminding us that imperfection has its own beauty; to be present; to be the best version of ourselves; to let go; to keep it simple.

Collaboration: Atelier LAPEE JEWELRY


Avoid contact with lotions, perfume and cosmetics. Avoid showering, swimming and sunbathing. Clean with a lint-free flannel, microfiber, or other soft nonabrasive cloth. You can use a special silver cleaning liquid or baking soda with water.

*1 month guarantee if damaged.

About Protection By Us:

Fashion brand focusing on a unique collaborative process with artisans from all over the world. Similar to the game “exquisite corpse”, this method allows a true collaboration between the artisans and the head designer on which both share the freedom to design, thus creating innovative designs that blends traditional and contemporary practices in one.




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Fashion social enterprise focused on collaborating with Mexican textile artists.