1. How can I choose my size?
All of our jackets are one of a kind. Because they are all unique pieces we just have 1 size per jacket. To know which size is perfect for you, please check out to our size chart.

2. What can I do if the jacket I want is not available in my size?
Since every Indie Gen jacket is unique, our artisans create handmade pieces, which can never be the same. However it is possible to create and offer you a very similar jacket to the one you love. You can contact us by writing us at [email protected] indicating which one is the jacket you love and the size you need. It’ll be a pleasure to assist you.

3. How are the jackets created?
At Indie Gen we collaborate with Mexican artisans to create our textiles, which are then sowed at our studio located in Cancún, Quintana Roo, México. The unique mix of the embroideries and the excellent quality of our methods result into a beautiful jacket considered as an art piece. To know more about this, you can read our story please click here to access.

4. Where do the embroideries come from?
We currently collaborate with artisans from Yucatán, Puebla and Chiapas. Each jacket can have up to 3 different types of textiles. In the details part of the product you will see where each textile comes from and the technique.

5. Can you create personalized jackets?
Of course we do! You are able to design your own style and combination of textiles, as well as choosing the exact size you need. To make a personalized order click here.

6. What is the % of profits that is donated to the development of indigenous communities developing?
The donated percentage and amount may vary month to month, because it depends on the Project that is done. The main activities are: workshops and seminars, textile materials, education for their kids, etc. To know more deeply about our social projects we have done, please visit and read our blog


7. Do you ship international?
Yes we do. We ship to any part of the world.

8. From where will my shipment be made?
We can ship from one of our 2 warehouses:
- If your order requires a shipment to México, we’ll ship from our warehouse located in Cancún, México.
- If your order requires a shipment to the United States or any other place in the world, we’ll ship from our warehouse located Miami, US.

9. How much do the shipment cost?
All shipments to México or the United States are totally free.
The shipping cost to another part of the world varies depending on the country to which it is shipped and the customs rules and regulations of each one. While making your purchase, the international shipping cost (including taxes and duties) will automatically appear on the checkout.

10. How long does the shipment take?
If your order is shipped to México, you will receive it within 2 to 5 business days from your purchase confirmation.
If your order is shipped to the United States, you will receive it within 5 to 14 business days from your purchase confirmation.
If your order is shipped to any other place in the world, the shipping time varies depending on the country where it is shipped.

11. How can I track my order?
When you submit an order with Indie Gen and it has already been shipped by us, you will receive an email with the tracking number and with a direct link in which you would track your order.


12. How do I initiate a return for my order?
To request a return for your shipped order, you need to contact us via email to [email protected] indicating your order number and mentioning the reasons why you want to return your order, we will send you an email with return instructions as well a label for the return of the order. To know more about this please click here.

13. What are the requirements to return my order?
The return requests are valid within the first 14 days after receiving your purchase. The product to be returned must not be previously used, damaged, stained or altered in any way. The product to be returned must have its label and must be returned in the original packaging, including all packaging materials, purchase invoice, and additional accessories that may be included (ex. Certificate of Authenticity, spec sheet, tags & labels). If these are not included in the packaging, the item will not be authorized for return. To know more, visit our Returns Policy

14. How much does the return cost?
Indie Gen will accept the exchange or return with no cost of the purchases made from Mexico and the United States and will be possible to generate the total refund of any purchase that meets the conditions and requirements needed.

For returns made from outside Mexico or United States, unfortunately we are unable to provide free returns for international orders at this time. Any return shipping charges will be deducted from the refund.To know more, visit our Returns Policy