22 March, 2018 Posted by Tamara Krantzberg

The process of creating an Indie Gen jacket is almost magical, so many different things are mixed together, that the end result is incredible!

Everything starts and ends in collaboration. Always practicing fair trade, we get textiles from Mexican artisans in its original design and form. This moment is a very special opportunity for us to know more about the stories each artisan has; get to know what their inspiration is to create such beautiful textiles, know about their dreams and aspirations, and create a relationship with them that will keep us in touch to continue collaborating together.

We then take all these amazing textiles to our studio in Cancún, where we start the exciting creative process of choosing each combination of textiles every jacket has. Basically, in my mind I must materialize the jacket already finished, its collection, size, colors, if I’m going to use 1, 2 or 3 textiles, where and how I will accommodate each embroidery or weave. Will it have fringes or studs? Maybe some additional trim that we never tried before? I must considerate every detail of what will become a work of art.

The final design of the piece passes to Fer’s hands. She is in charge of production she has magic hands and an incredible ability to materialize my ideas. Fer brings to life all my designs following a very detailed and laborious process.

First she analyzes the placement of the textiles, then she cuts all the pieces that will form the jacket, which is made up of 40 different pieces, between sleeves, neck, lining, back. Each textile cut piece is attached to another called "tricot" to give more firmness to the textile otherwise it could fray when cut or while using it.

Then the pockets are sewn, which is the most difficult part to sew because it must have exactly the same stitches from one side to the other, if we do one more stitch the pocket will be crooked.

Every piece is sewn together, the lining of the jacket and the outside are sewn separately, and joined together last. On the lining, which is the inside of the jacket, a unique serial number is embroidered in each piece. We carefully verify that all the seams have been aligned and are the correct width, so that we can play around with invisible seams and detailed finishes.

If the jacket has any additional detail for example the studs, these should be placed one by one very carefully to keep them perfectly aligned.

Although it is a truly laborious process, if I had to summarize it in just 3 steps, it would be: spectacular textiles + unique design + perfect quality process = Indie Gen Jacket.



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The process of creating an Indie Gen jacket is almost magical, so many different things are mixed together, that the end result is incredible!


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