12 February, 2018 Posted by Tamara Krantzberg

Huellas que trascienden

“Art multiplies benefits”

That was my father’s motto, Alex Krantzberg, when he decided to donate his artwork “La muerte sigue siendo vida”, by auctioning 26 pieces of his art for the Chiapas foundation “Huellas que trascienden”, intended for the people of Chiapas who were affected by the recent seismic disaster.

Arte de Alex Krantzberg


I personally met a person who went through this situation. Her name is Juana, she is an artisan from Zinacantan, Chiapas; she lost her home because of the recent earthquake, these natural events that we just can’t understand or control, but it can completely change our whole life in an instant.

Juana has the most beautiful eyes and keeps her smile authentic and firm despite the difficult experiences she has been through. When the earthquake happened, I called Juana and she answered to me crying that she had lost her home. Indie Gen, along with WMW Group and several other people collected everything they could, money, food, blankets and clothes, so they could resist until they lifted the home.  

Juana, her family and I became friends two years ago, thanks to a former partner, and we have kept in touch ever since. The dedication in her work and the love she puts in every one of her textiles is something I truly admire from her and her team. Juana is an artist who considers herself a designer, and everyone who meets her says the same. The way she puts together her art pieces is truly invaluable. Every time I see her, she shows me her new designs with pride, and every time she shows me a new design I buy it from her, because they are so unique!

In November, I invited her to the textile experimentation workshop that we did in collaboration with the Foundation “Impacto Textil”, and proudly carried the most beautiful design in her clothing – a lilac peacock machine embroidered on a darker purple backstrap loom. It took your breath away!

Juana de Chiapas
Juana / San Cristobal de las Casas


She loves to use lilac tones, and one of her dreams is to study design… What can I tell you? It is impossible not extend collaborate with her. That’s the reason I joined my Dad’s auction, auctioning an Indie Gen jacket to continue on the rebuilding of Juana and her family’s house.

Subasta de Chamarra Indie Gen

The event was on December 14th, 2017, at the Club Industriales de Queretaro, organized by Codigo Aureo. During the auction, we had the beautiful presence of artisans who are part of “Huellas que trascienden”, showing a little of their work. This association works with women from Los Altos of Chiapas, and between several altruistic events support them so that they can create their own coffee or artisan business.  The mission of this association is to rescue the ancestral traditions, to continue our indigenous languages and also that the next generations see all of this as art; to feel proud of our Mexican culture, to join the language, to continue creating textiles, and never stop collaborating with one another.

Huellas que trascienden
Telar de cintura / Artisan from foundation "Huellas que trascienden" 

 Alex Krantzberg

Alex, Tamara y Mauricio Krantzberg / Artwork "La muerte sigue siendo vida"


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Art multiplies benefits

12 February, 2018

That was my father’s motto, Alex Krantzberg, when he decided to donate his artwork “La muerte sigue siendo vida”, by auctioning 26 pieces of his art for the Chiapas foundation “Huellas que trascienden”.


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